Counting areas and setting a table of accordance with the picture

Hello everyone. I’m trying to measure areas of cell nuclei. I have 14 nuclei of 4 different cell types and I need an accordance of every measurement to particular nucleus. What I did: I have thresholded the image and made Analyse -> analyse particles… And I’ve got a raw table with areas. Problem is I can’t connect a single value to its nucleus. Is it possible in ImageJ to connect a measure to its area on the picture? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @bryozoa,

if you select “Add to manager” in the particle analyser, you can afterwards got through the ROIs in its list. If ROI Manager and Results Table are empty in advance, the nth ROI corresponds to the nth row in the table. You can also use the “Show: Count Masks” option to associate measurements with cells. That’s a bit tricky though.

It’s demonstrated in this video after 12:00 :

I hope that helps.


Thanks! Check box “Add to manager” helped.

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