Count the number of silkworm eggs laid

Hi team,
Myself J srinivas, resident of India. I am new to image J. But it took my interest in such a way that i started learning little things from image J.

In view of this, I thought to develop a small image J project that counts the number of silkworm eggs laid.

Can you please help me in this.

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Srinivas J

Without an example image available a usual way is to use the particle analysis to count and measure all eggs, see:

Also search this forum for older threads were you can get a lot of useful information:

On YouTube you will find a lot of tutorials:

Hi Team,
Thanks for your response.

I think this is a wonderful concept.

I would like to know if anyone is trying to develop an android app using this technology


Srinivas J


Read this:


Good reading

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Drop an image and we could test …

Hi Mathew,
Please find the attachment.

I kindly request you to help me if possible in better understanding of this topic

Your image is difficult to deal with:(Let me make a few comments)
1.Both sheets have annotations that interfere with the analysis
You could put your eggs on a transparent sheet which only have one mark (at the bottom left for example)
2.To make the photo, use a black under-sheet (if the eggs are not translucent)
3. No jpeg (too many artifacts)
With Image J, “crop” each “nest” // Duplicate
Run (8 bit)
run(“Find Maxima…”,
5. Obviously we will have to refine (About 541 eggs)

Can u please elaborate the procedure as I am new to it

Apply the indicated method:

Have a good day