Count polarization

Analysis goals

I have these images in which certain parts of the cell are coloured. Now the main goal is to count how many cells do have the red on the outside and how many cells have the green on the outside? Is there a way to do this and how would you suggest the general pipeline would look like?

Welcome to the forum! These are very cool images.

I think this post will help you get started on your analysis:

The overall goal that I can imagine is to identify the cells as objects and then use the MeasureObjectIntensity module to measure the edge intensity of your objects. See below for resources to get started on making your pipeline in CellProfiler. Once you’ve got a pipeline, reach back out if you hit any roadblocks that you can’t solve using the module help and this forum’s archives.

To get started using CellProfiler for analysis, we recommend watching this CellProfiler introductory workshop, which is available on the Center for Open Bioimage Analysis YouTube Channel. You can download the corresponding written tutorial on Translocation from the CellProfiler Github page.

Good luck!