Count intersections

Hello Everyone!

I have fluorescence images from blood vessels in a tissue and I would like to count the intersections of these vessels.

Any ideas? I can not figure out a way to do this and I would appreciate any input!

Thank you!


You could try the MeasureNeurons module to hack this. It has measurements that include branchpoints. The caveat is that you need to have:
(1) Seed objects. If you don’t have nuclei or some other true “seed” you can just do any sort of thresholding (using IDPrimary) and pretend those are good seeds, depending on your images.
(2) A “skeletonized” branch image. Use IdentifyPrimaryObjects, then a Morph module with the Skeleton option.

If this doesn’t work well enough, please post any image and your pipeline attempt, and we may be able to help.