"Could not find ij.jar" Error message upon opening imagej-win64.exe

Apologies if this has already been discussed, i know how forum users hate that - i searched first, but no joy.
I cant even open the imagej software (its crucial for my undergrad thesis). Ive tried both 32 and 64 bit version.
Ive successfully unzipped it etc., but when clicking ‘imagej-win64.exe’ the following message appears and i can go no further: “Could not find ij.jar in C:\users\pascal\appdata\local\temp\7zo02a~1/jars/”…
I am not overly tech-savy, so any (idiotproof) help would be much much appreciated

Check out this guide for downloading and installing Fiji. The screen shots are very out of date, but the process is the same. Just download the Windows version of Fiji and extract it to your Desktop.

Hi there, thanks
I had already gone through the guide…with both bit versions…still same message
What does that message even mean>?
Since the guide is a bit out of date, the steps are different as i download, etc. - i have no option of extracting, and i cannot select a destination - its automatic apparently (i use 7zip)
I’ve also heeded the using Desktop rather than the temp file…
Cheers :slight_smile:

I believe that error means you are trying to execute ImageJ-win64.exe from “inside” the ZIP file—i.e., double-clicking the EXE without having extracted the ZIP to an actual folder on disk. The telltale is the appdata\local\temp bit, which suggests that is where Windows is extracting files on demand. ImageJ will not work unless all the files are unpacked from the ZIP to a folder on, e.g., your Desktop.

Thank you!!! That was really useful!