Correlations, regions and gates



Is there a mechanism to analyze the CP output data using tools typically found in flow cytometry software? I’m thinking, for example, of being able to define quadrants, gates or “regions” based on variables 1 and 2, then determining average values of variables 3, 4, and so on. I guess I could manage this with some effort using standard database software if the regions are rectangular, but it would seem to be rather challenging if the desired region is elliptical or a polygon.

Has anyone tried to port the CP data to any flow cytometry software? One problem I’ve noted is that all FC software seem to be limited to handling only a few columns of data (e.g., three colors and scatter).

I thought I read something on the forum several months ago about the CP group developing a more sophisticated program to analyze the data and look for correlations and so forth, but now I can’t find that post. Is this still true and is it close to release? Do you need beta testers?


Indeed, we are developing a more sophisticated program for analyzing data, which includes defining regions. This program, CellVisualizer, is not available to the public yet. If you are interested in setting up a collaboration, please email Anne Carpenter (