Correction of Fisheye distortion

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I am working with images taken from a drone. I was wondering if any of you have some hints for correcting fisheye distortion using imageJ?
Please see a drone image example below:

Thank you very much in advance!

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Have a look at the transform tools:

However because I own a Quadcopter, too, I would suggest another free software to adjust the fisheye and the additional distortions in your image.


In the screenshot below (25% of the original size) I created a rectlinear correction of your image (from fisheye to rectlinear):

Since I didn’t know you lens parameter I guessed them (please use the lens parameters of the camera of your Quadcopter).

You will find some useful tutorials on the website of hugin.

To orthorectify your image you would need a heightmap, too. But I think in your case (flat terrain, small scale) it is not neccessary.

I would measure some distances to control the ground truth in you transformed image.


Dear @Bio7, thank you very much for your kind help!
I am going to explore Hugin software to correct my images!


You rock, Marcel. :helicopter:

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@iarganda Out of curiosity: do you know of any registration tools in Fiji that can fix fisheye? I saw the Spline Deformation Generator but that is for creating fisheye effect, no?

Indeed, that plugin creates the fisheye effect at a random position in the image. I should clean up that code and update the documentation because most probably you can apply the inverse of the deformation and therefore correct it…