Correcting for large shifts/jumps

Dear all,
I am a new user of ImageJ and would highly appreciate if you could help me solve some issues I am facing.
I have taken a brightfield and epifluorescence time-lapse series of my cells. The movie is quite long and at some point I see a huge jump and I can see that my cell shifted down a little bit.
Is there a simple way to correct for this jump? I have come across the TransformJ plugin in my search but I am not sure how to use it. Could someone please help me out?
Also is there a way to correct for vibrations in the movie?
Would appreciate any thoughts on this! Thanks!

Have a look at the stabilizer plugin:

You can try the ‘StackReg’ plugin in Fiji to correct the x-y drift in your time series. You can find it under Plugins>>Registration>>StackReg

Thank you very much @Bio7 and @Praveen. I will check these out and get back in case of more questions!

Another option is the Linear Stack Alignment with SIFT. It is included in Fiji (Plugins > Registration > Linear Stack Alignment with SIFT).

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Thank you very much for your suggestion! @m-entrup

I tried the image stabilizer plugin for now and it works fairly well. Thanks everyone for all your prompt help!