Correct Path for "imagej-tutorials" Examples?

Dear all,

where is the correct path for the “imagej-tutorials” examples?

Is it:

  • imagej/src/main or
  • imagej/src/main/java/net/imagej ?

I would appreciate any help very much.



Dear all,

I want to save the developers the efforts to answer my question.

When I asked the question my assumptions was, that the code of the imagej-tutorials has to be inside the ImageJ or Fiji project. This erroneous assumption was stimulated by the usual way to copy plugins into a subfolder of ImageJ.

Meanwhile I figured out that the imagej-tutorials have to be considered as a totally independent project which can live in a directory on its one. The pom.xml file pulls in all the necessary dependencies for compiling via Maven.

Considere this thread as solved!

All the best