Correct 3D Drift




When I update Fiji (including the java8) or even download the latest version of Fiji I have an older version of Correct 3D Drift than the one on github:

Could it be that the recent changes have to be somehow “pushed” to the current Fiji version?
Or do I have to activate a special update site?

Correct 3D drift artifact

Changes you commit to the repository are not (yet) automatically uploaded to the update site. Currently you have to notify @ctrueden and ask him to upload.


Is that so? I thought that @ctrueden uploads the changes every so often, when time permits.
I also pushed some changes to the Auto threshold plugin some days ago, but I assumed that he (or somebody else) would eventually push those to the updater…


Everything is explained here.

I try. But two comments there:

  1. I am extremely intermittent about it, since I am juggling too many things.

  2. In the case of bare scripts (i.e.: scripts not embedded inside of .jar files), I often miss them, since the tooling currently does not notify me they have changed.

Of course, point (2) is not relevant for Correct_3D_Drift, since it does live in a JAR file now. It’s just that @Christian_Tischer made that change right around the time I was cutting all the releases and uploading everything during my last pass. (He pushed on May 15; I cut the final Fiji 2.0.0-pre-1 release on May 16.) So I guess the changes here barely missed the cut. And I am too busy now to cut more releases and upload more things to Fiji. I think I will shoot to do another wave of releases by end of July.

The eventual goal is to cut me out of the picture, so that I’m not a bottleneck. This will require a little more infrastructure work though, along with very clear documentation on how to cause your code to get autoreleased in a timely fashion. We might end up just teaching the ImageJ Updater to pull from Maven repositories directly, to make things simpler.