Correct 3D drift, vectmath error


With the latest update 1.51g (java 8) we currently get the following error", line 16, in <module>
   from javax.vecmath import Point3i

A similar issue has already been reported by mysself on Bugzilla


It works well for my Fiji with the latest update 1.51g (java 8) on PC with Win10 x64. If the image stack is a “x-y-z” not a “x-y-t” form, the log message will show “Correct_3D_Drift” without any further processing window shows. Maybe the time-series parameter is essential for this plugin. Am I right?


sorry wrong version. it was 1.50e

The version of ImageJ 1.x (e.g., 1.51g or 1.50e) is irrelevant to whether this issue occurs. Better would be to report on the version of ImageJ2 (e.g., 2.0.0-rc-54).

The issue is whether you are running the new Java 8 version of Fiji, or the old Java 6 version. The new Java 8 version ships with Java 3D 1.6, which has the package prefix org.scijava.vecmath instead of javax.vecmath. The script needed a corresponding update, which is present on the Java-8 update site. But if you do not have the Java-8 update site enabled, you will not receive that update.

For details, please see:

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