Correct 3D drift artifact



This is not the correct command.

The “Correct 3D Drift” command is a script, not a plugin. Use File :arrow_forward: New :arrow_forward: Script if you want an editor into which you can paste, and subsequently save, script code.

That said, I am cutting a new 1.0.2 release of the Correct_3D_Drift.jar right now, which I will then upload to the update site, so that you can receive it from the Updater as usual. I will edit this post once the release is complete and available. Edit: The new Correct_3D_Drift version 1.0.2 has been released and uploaded!


Yes it did!
Using the Euler transform option I got amazing results.
I am now stuck on getting the same transforms applied to my other channel.


Ok. We are working on it!