Corn Seeds Counter (ear)

Hi There everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could help-me to find a solution to counting (estimate) the number of kernels (seeds) that I have in a ear of corn, as shown in the image attached.
Lets say that I can have more then 1 image of the ear in other angles, is there any image processing library or solution that could estimate the number of seeds?
Thank you so much in advance.
Rafael Alencar

Hi @rsalencar

I propose this:
-> 32 bit -> “Unsharp Mask” filter -> filter “Gaussian Blur”
then: Find Maxima

20191208-corn-seed-counter.tif (772.8 KB)

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Hi @rsalencar,
Here is a try with the cellprofiler (PFA pipeline). Not just the counts, but also can compute the area & other measurements available in cellprofiler. Little bit of tweaking around might help as well.
screenshot_cornseeds.pdf (312.5 KB) count_corn_seeds.cpproj (647.9 KB)

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