copytoImgPlus.m does not work properly

copytoImgPlus.m does not work properly any longer (it did a few months ago)

A = rand(200,300);
imgplus = copytoImgPlus(A);

The following line (136) has an issue:

  • class ImgPlus now appears to be net.imagej.ImgPlus rather than net.imglib2.img.ImgPlus.
  • imgplus = net.imagej.ImgPlus(img, name) works but imgplus = net.imagej.ImgPlus(img, name,ax) doesn’t. So ax is suspicious. But appearantly it in the right type.
>> ax

ax =



Any ideas?

It seems there is no test code deployed around here. This is very dangerous.

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Thanks for pointing this out, @kouichi-c-nakamura!

And sorry that apparently nobody answered your follow-up on the related issue so far:

I think net.imglib2.meta.Axes should now be net.imagej.axis.Axes, and similar replacements are certainly required.

As I mentioned on the other issue you opened, these Matlab scripts are out of date and should definitely move to the imagej-matlab repository, together with new tests assuring their correct function. (These Matlab scripts in Fiji never had regression tests, I’m afraid.)

Thanks. Until you mentioned, I completely forgot that I’ve reported the same issue some time ago.

Containing lots of code without testing sounds like an awful idea to me.

If it’s a good move, let’s do it. What are the steps?

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PR created

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