Copying objects



I’d like to copy objects from one cycle to another or from one pipeline to another.
I can convert objects to an image using “ConvertToImage” module but can’t go the other way in an efficient manner.
For example, I can save objects using “ConvertToImage” then use “IdentifyPrimAutomatic” on the image of the objects to recover my objects.
But with large images with thousands of objects, this recovery of objects takes more than a minute, which is way too slow for my application.
I’m sure there’s a better way; can you suggest one?



Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to retain objects cycle-to-cycle/pipeline-to-pipeline other than what you are doing currently.

However, in IdentifyPrimAutomatic, there are settings you can adjust to make sure the processing time is as quick as possible. If you are converting a binary image back to objects (which I assume you are), you should set the following:

  • Discard objects outside diameter range: No

  • Try to merge…: No

  • Discard objects touching the border…: No

  • Thresholding method: Select “Other…” and enter 0.5

  • Method to distinguish clumped objects: None

  • Method to draw dividing lines: None

  • Smoothing filter size: 0

  • Fill in holes: No