Copine not recognized


I’m trying to use the pipe described in this article:
The pipeline can be downloaded here:

But when I try to import this pipe into cellprofiler 3.15, the following error message is displayed: “Error loading no: unknown file type, version 98, 108”
Sorry if my question is stupid but I’m just a pathologist trying to get started in image analysis.
Thank you for your help

Hmmm, CellProfiler pipelines should be convertable from 2.1.1 to 3.1.5 in theory, but I don’t actually know of anyone trying it.

  1. If you download and install CP 2.1.1, can you open it?
  2. If you download and install CP 2.2, can you open it?
  3. If yes on 2, can you resave it from 2.2 and then try to open that copy in 3.1.5?