Coolled Stability

Hello, I’m controlling a Coolled pe-4000 with micro-manager 2.0 (beta3_20181129). (I cannot upgrade it since I need to control my FLIR camera with the CAIRN adapter for Spinnaker - this way the camera works smoothly with micro-manager). I’m using the pe-4000 adapter provided with MM.

Something odd happens when I take snapshots with the Coolled:

  • When I run a timelapse (for instance, I take a 1 sec exposure image every 3 sec) of a still sample, I don’t gate constant brightness. The brightness fluctuates in a sawtooth ramp manner (the first image is fine, then the brightness decreases linearly for 5 images, then it goes back to regular brightness, etc). When I look at the light coming out of the Coolled, I clearly see that sometimes the light is on for only 0.2 seconds (instead of one second).
  • When I run a timelapse with two channels (for two colors), the first channel fluctuates whereas the second one is stable.
  • If I swap the two channels, it’s always the first one that fluctuates, whatever the wavelength.
  • When I run a timelapse with three channels, the first one fluctuates, whereas channel #2 and channel #3 are stable.
  • When I change the time interval (for instance a 3 sec exposure every 10 seconds), the shape of the sawtooth curve changes (for instance it goes for a positive ramp to a negative ramp).

I suspect an overload of communication between MM and Coolled that prevents the light from turning on, and a buffer dumping every now and then.
Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Does this mean that the current Spinnaker device adapter in MM does not work for you? It is code derived from the CAIRN Spinnaker device adapter (or possibly the exact same code), so if there are problems it would be great if you can report them (preferably through the build-in Report a Problem), so that it can be looked at.

As for the CoolLED, Help > Report a Problem will generate a log of what is going on under the hood. You can have a look at it yourself, sending it will cause me to have a look at it as well, and I may (or may not) something that explains what is going on.

The Spinnaker device adapter works for me. If I keep the Coolled LED on all the time, the images I get have a constant brightness.
The fluctuation problem arises when I want to use the Coolled “shutter” (meaning that I want MM to turn on and off the LEDs).

Since I posted the previous message, I upgraded MM to gamma1-20200218 and now everything works! The images I get have constant brightness. Unfortunately, using a more recent version of MM means I cannot use the Spinnaker device adapter, I had to fall back to the FlyCap adapter - fortunately, my camera is compatible with both SDK.
(It would be great if people at CAIRN could recompile a version of the adapter with a more recent MM)


HI Max.

I am very confused. Micro-Manager ships (i.e. includes) the (CAIRN) Spinnaker device adapter for at least a year now. Is it not visible? Try it out, it should works just like the Spinnaker device adapter you used to download from CAIRN.

Hi Nico,

Ha. I overlooked this. That’s a good news. I just tried with the latest nightly build and it works well.
Many thanks!