Converting XML files to qpdata

I have a script in QUPath 0.1.2 and I am trying to convert the xml File to qpdata. I uploaded an example xml file here. Following is the part pf script which returns empty list for parsing the xml file. I don’t know what is the problem in the xml file and why QuPath is not able to parse it?

def file = new File(xmlname)
def text = file.getText()
def list = new XmlSlurper().parseText(text)

test.xml (199.7 KB)

Hi, can you share the source of the script?

It looks like it is using a file groovy-xml-2.5.2.jar (the version number might be different), which isn’t included with QuPath v0.1.2 – but is included in QuPath v0.2.

Therefore, it’s likely either that the script was written for v0.2 or, if not, hopefully whoever wrote it also provided instructions for where to get the missing groovy-xml file.