Converting OMERO server to readonly


we are in the process of commissioning a new OMERO 5.6 :grinning:. I was thinking the best way to do this would be to:

  • schedule some down time
  • restore a backup of the older server to the new one
  • switch the old server to read-only somehow
  • turn the new server on and have the old server still active
  • get people to check that everything OK on the new server

What would the best way to freeze the old server. I was thinking to just convert all the groups to read-only (though I’m not sure how the default group would respond to that).

Any other advices / suggestions for the migration would be appreciated.



OMERO.server’s read-only mode is your friend. :smiley: That documentation should work fine and you may choose to also make sure that server has a read-only mount of the binary repository and a database user with only read-only access but that oughtn’t be necessary. The server will need a restart to pick up the configuration change.

Indeed, for running the IDR we scale by having multiple read-only OMERO’s serving public users from the same underlying store.

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