Converting Keyence *.vk4 to tiff


I need to convert Keyence con-focal microscope *.vk4 files into tiff for Fiji use. Keyence’s analysis software allows for this but only processes a single image at a time (pull tab down, click save image, format, etc.). Does anyone know software or a way to convert a whole folder of these images (batch processing) into tiff format?

Many thanks.


Hi Neil, Please try this way. Maybe it helps.
I do in the following way: Import the whole folder at ImageJ (File --> Import–> Image Sequence) and then save as an “image sequence” (File --> Save as–>Image Sequence) then provide a format that you want. After that, all the images will convert into the desired format.


Thanks Ahsan!

I think the problem is that Fiji does not recognize the *.vk4 extension. So it can’t even start to process the files.


can you share any one file in *.vk4 format? I will look at it. Thanks


Apparently this site will not authorize upload due to file extension. I can send it to you directly if you send me your email.