Converting a segmented .raw file to 3D .obj without losing any data

*Hi I’m new to imageJ and I could not be able to create a .obj 3D file without losing some data from the .raw file stack.
*Basically the .raw file contains many number of images arranged in stack.
*These images are black and white images only. Each and every pixel in this image is very important.
*After importing the .raw file into the imagej it can be saved as a .obj generally. But while saving this .obj even after with the low threshold and re-sampling factor as 1, some of the pixel datas are missing in the 3d model.
*Can anyone help me with this issue please?

I do not think that obj files are intended to maintain pixel fidelity. What is your end objective? Is there a reason why you cannot just keep your .raw file and the .obj?

We have been using the stack of 2d images in the .raw file for analyzing rock molecular structure for a long time. Now we are converting that stack of 2d images to a 3d model. In this process of conversion we need every pixel in the 2d images to be absolute with the 3D model so that the probability of analyzing the rock structure is reduced or you can say absolute which we are trying to achieve.

Hi can we able to set the Re-Sampling factor to Zero while converting a stack of images to 3d OBJ file?