Converting 24 bit images to 8 bit


I’m currently using CellProfiler to develop a cell measurement protocol. My questions are; (1) Is the conversion of 16 or 24 bit images to 8 bit the standard for CellProfiler (or other imaging software) to make measurements such as identify primary objects (nuclei)? (2) Can CellProfiler make measurements in 24 bit format? (3) Is there significant image information loss when 24 bit images are converted to 8 bit? If, so how does this affect CellProfiler’s ability to identify objects?

Thank you for your help.

Ernest Winkfield


CellProfiler can analyze 16 and 24 bit images, and it can also convert them to 8-bit (use the convert to 8-bit option in SaveImages). However, there is no need to convert to 8bit- we regularly work with 16bit images.