Convert .rec to .tif

How can we convert .rec file to .tiff stack using ImageJ?

Are you able to open your .rec file using Bio-Formats?

If so, you should then be able to File > Save As > TIFF… to convert it to TIFF.

If it does not work, could you elaborate on what goes wrong? See also the bug reporting best practices page.

I am unable to upload it via Bio formats. I have the plugin installed, but an error occurs.

The error looks like this: ImageJ_14M07WapN8

Ah, that error means you are running ImageJ with Java 1.6.0. But Bio-Formats requires Java 1.8.0 or newer. See “UnsupportedClassVersionError” on this page for details:

You can avoid this issue by downloading the ImageJ bundled with Java 1.8.0. Or downloading Fiji, which comes bundled with Java 1.8.0 and has Bio-Formats preinstalled.