Convert multiple .avi files to virtual stack and then save 25 frames as .png files

I am using the ImageJ software to convert multiple.avi files ( Frames between 1500-3000) to virtual stack. And then using the command Image --> Stacks --> Z Project, save every 50 frames as a .png file.

Now I ave around 120 .avi flies to be saved as 25, 50 and 100 frames images. I am completely new to macros and am looking for a batch code program for the this repetitive process.


Arun Prasad


Here are some helpful links to get you started with Scripting in Fiji/ImageJ:

You can search here on the forum for posts involving Z Projections and macro coding to give you a start… also, the Built-In Macro Functions page I linked above has sample macro code. Too - to batch process - you’ll want to check out these options:

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