Conversion pixels in square micrometer

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Sorry to open a topic like this. I found similar topic, but I am continuing to have doubts.

My question is the following:
I am analyzing adipocytes in digital slides by testing different software.
My question is the following:
Using a software called AdipoCount I obtain as output the area (in pixels) of each single adipocyte I analyzed.

I need the area in square micrometer.
If I know the resolution image, it should be easy to calculate the area in square micrometer without any calibration. So, I should multiply the area in pixels for the number of pixel size (24,656 x 0.228). Does it make sense?

Area object: 24,656
Pixel size: 0.2283 x 0.2283 µm^2
Resolution: 4.3793 pixels per µm

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you should multiply the area in pixel (24.656) with the area of one pixel in µm
0.2283µm x 0.2283µm=0.521µm²
So the area of 24.656 pixel corresponds to an area of 1,285092664µm²:
0.2283µm x 0.2283µm * 24.656 = 1,285092664µm²
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Many thanks for your explanation Volker!