Conversion factor question

Hi mbray,
I have a question about conversion factor. I got the 395 pixel=1mm from the microscope, I want to calculate the area masked region. So I squred 395 and used it in “multiply the result by”, but the result is too big which is very strange. Am I doing it right?
thank you.

Hi @Fancy,

If I understand you correctly, you should be dividing by the conversion factor rather than multiplying. You should be able to tell the CalculateMath module to divide by 156,025‬. Alternatively you can multiply by 1/156,025‬ (~0.0000064) in whichever module you’re currently using. This would give you the area result in mm, although depending on the scale you’re working at you may want to multiply the result to work in microns instead (x1000).

Hope that helps