Controlling FLIR Blackfly global reset in MicroManager

We are using a FLIR (Point Gray) Blackfly BFS-U3-200S6M-C camera with Micro-Manager. This camera has a rolling shutter with an optional global reset, but the global reset does not seem to be accessible in the MicroManager properties browser (unless I am missing something).

I am wondering how hard it is to add this to the Spinnaker device adapter, and if that would cause problems with other FLIR cameras that don’t have such an option.


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Tagging @Elliot_Steele as he is likely to know more about this.

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I don’t know the answer, but is it one of the modes (e.g. Mode 0 vs Mode 1)?


@samjlord thanks for the suggestion! I don’t see a property labelled “mode” – I have a trigger mode, exposure mode, and line mode and it is not one of those. Am I missing something?

I am working with version:
MM Studio version: 2.0.0-gamma1 20210216
MMCore version 10.1.1
Device API version 69, Module API version 10

Hi everyone,

I’ve just had a quick scan of the Blackfly S documentation and it looks like its controlled by a setting called “Sensor Shutter Mode”. Should be a relatively quick thing to add when I have the time.

In the meantime, I think the cameras remember settings as long as they don’t lose power so you should be able to work around any missing settings by opening SpinView, changing the setting there, closing SpinView and then starting MicroManager. I think there’s also a way to convince SpinView to save default settings to the camera so that it powers up with the correct setting automatically, but I’ve never tried it


Thanks for looking into it! Yes, using SpinView in this way is my current mode of operation. This is not a critical problem for me, just thought it might be useful to point out