Controlling DLP4500 with micro manager

I have a DLP lightcrafter 4500 and I need to control it via micro manager. Is there any plugin or any other way that I can do that?

Does it have an HDMI or similar input? If so, you can use the GenericSLM device adapter together with the Projector plugin. If not, you will need to somehow get a device adapter that interfaces with the DLP4500 SDK. There is a device adapter for the DLP4000, I have no idea if that will work with the 4500, and we were not allowed to make the source code public.

Thanks for your reply. I think it does have HDMI. Would you please explain more about using GenericSLM device adapter together with the Projector plugin? I am confused that What should I do.

If it has HDMI, plug it into the computer, which should see it as a second screen. Make sure that it displays things you put there (you can for instance, drag a big window over, and look at the DMD itself to be sure that it actually displays what you put on that second screen). It is possible that you need to change some settings in the Lightcrafter software for that to work.

Once that works, in MM go to the Hardwar Configuratoin Wizard. Find Generic SLM in the hardware list and add it. You may be asked which screen this pertains to. I think it will present a list, so just try.

Once you have a hardware configuration with the generic slm, go to Plugins > Device Control > Projector. Under the setup tool, there should be a “Checkerboard” button. Make sure that it produces a checkerboard on your DMD. Use that to focus and align the DMD in the image plane, then press calibrate to create the mapping between camera and DMD.

Thanks Nico.
would you please provide me the link for downloading 2510196_Discovery_4000_Explorer_V1.0_Setup please?
I want to try DLP4000 adapter and I need to install 2510196_Discovery_4000_Explorer_V1.0_Setup.(DLP4000 - Micro-Manager)