Controlling a FLIR camera in Micromanager on Mac OS

Hi all

Has anybody had any success with controlling a FLIR (Point Grey) camera through MicroManager on any Mac OS? It seems that the available adaptors are only for Windows/Linux.

If there is no available adaptor then I would also like to ask if anyone has had a similar issue that they have managed to find a workaround for? I was hoping that OpenCV (for example) might prove a useful intermediary but it is not recommended by FLIR to capture images. Maybe there are other options I don’t know of?

This is for a first year undergraduate course so for simplicity we would like to avoid having to run the camera software and MicroManager separately.

Many thanks

FLIR only makes “drivers” for Windows/Linux. If you would like to run machine vision cameras using a Mac, you are probably better off using Basler cameras (others are welcome to chime in, but Basler seems the only one supporting Mac OS directly). For some (older) Point Grey cameras that are Firewire (IEEE1394), you could try the dc1394 or the IIDC device adapters (Point Grey used to be completely Firewire, but switched to Firewire through USB, and now may use other protocols all together).