Control+d has stopped working

Has anybody experienced the cont+d (draw) hot key combo not working?

The ‘d’ key draws selection borders, but the ctrl+d doesn’t, so I can’t draw text on the image as it needs the ctrl key…

ctrl+D duplicates the image, so it’s not the ctrl key on the keyboard being bad.

I programmed a function key to execute the menu command in the startup file as a work around, and it works

The problem is in both FIJI and ImageJ.

The problem seems to be only on one computer…could there be a conflict with another program, or windows7 hot keys???


thanks for anybody’s help
Ron DeSpain

Hi @rondespain,

Don’t have a direct answer, but here are some hints that might help you track
down what’s going on.

You can try Plugin > Shortcuts > List Shortcuts to see a list of the hot keys.
Then maybe do Plugin > Shortcuts > Add Shortcut... or Add Shortcut by Name if
you know what it’s supposed to be (maybe compare to the result of List Shortcuts on a working computer?

Good luck,

Hi bogovicj
Thanks for the feedback…the shortcuts list shows ‘d’ as ‘Draw’, but it doean’t work. I set F9 as Draw in the Startup Macros file, and it works…It’s interesting that when I set ‘d’ instead of ‘F9’ in the same Startup file it showed up in the shortcuts list with ‘d ^Draw’, but then didn’t work. Just changing the [d] back to [F9] in the same macro got it going…go figure.


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