Contributing Open Source to Orbit

Hi @mstritt, is there an opportunity to work on the Orbit project as an open-source contributor? Thanks!

The project is licensed under GPL-3.0 . The source repository is here:

You can build it yourself and submit pull requests with your patches.

Dear @ryanlindeborg,
absolutely, contributors are very welcome!
In which field would you like to contribute / do you see your strengths?
Java dev / image analysis scripts / deep learning / documentation or video tutorials… ?


Hi @imagejan and @mstritt, great! I think my strength currently is Java dev and documentation. Down the line, I would love to assist with the other two points as well though after getting some more familiarity with the project.


Hi @ryanlindeborg ,

I highly appreciate your motivation.
I’d recommend to git clone the repository, try to compile Orbit and then as a first step execute some groovy code and modify it.
Examples here.
In particular, have a look on how to access tile-wise image data like the example here.
Use a proper IDE like IntelliJ to get full code completion.

Please be aware that the currently you need a JDK8 and Gradle 4.x.
We’re currently working on a new release which will use JDK11 and Gradle >=5.

For detailed help on this feel free to send me a PM.



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Hi @mstritt,
Perfect! I will take a crack at that, and PM you with any questions I have as I go through some examples. Thanks, and excited to help in any way possible!