Contours and particle number



Hello Everyone,
I have to analyze my data in a way which has been published in previous literature. I have not been able to actually replicate this analysis.
Can anyone help me in letting me know the toolbox to use.
I have attached images of a paper for reference.

dark field image|324x324darkefield contours with NPsdarke field with contours


In previous request 3 images were uploaded but only 2 appears.
I hereby attaching desired images once again.
dark field imagedarke field with contours
darkefield contours with NPs



Can you first clarify what you wish to measure exactly? Perhaps you can provide a few more details… Just explain the goal of your analysis, etc.



Thanks. I am sorry, should have mentioned in the query only.

We have animal tissues with nanoparticles. We aim to measure total number of nanoparticles in the tissue. Then we want to take distance of 10-50um around the vessel and measure nanoparticles from the blood vessel. We want to keep increasing the distance from 10 to 50 um and measure number of nanoparticles within that area.



What you wish to do sounds possible to do in ImageJ/Fiji. However, it’s difficult for us to help you generate any relevant workflow without seeing an original image from you. Could you attach an example image here - one that is in the original file format of acquisition?

This is something that you will have to script… so I can at least give you some helpful links for now on scripting with ImageJ/Fiji:

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