CONTEST: New ImageJ logo!




Hi all,

My submission for your consideration. . .


Bright field scope without all the fuss



To all of you who submitted logos and to those who voted - many thanks! We have a number of amazing options for our new ImageJ logo.

The next phase of the contest will begin tomorrow… :slight_smile:


Alternative contrib:


Hi @TM_Hoogland,

I moved your post from the voting topic to this one here.

Sorry, but the suggestion period is over now. As you see above, there have been a number of suggestions already, out of which the ones with the most likes were chosen.


I looked into this discussion last month and asked one of my best logo designer to design some epic logos for ImageJ. As a result, he provided w of his great designs, pay a look!



Sorry @sarahemi… but the selection period is over. It is now time to vote here: