CONTEST: New ImageJ logo!



Hello ImageJ Enthusiasts !!!

It is time to give the ImageJ logo a bit of a revamp. This particular logo has always been intended as a ‘place-holder’ until a more permanent logo is designed/chosen.


With the recent publication of the ImageJ2 paper… it is time we upgrade the logo. ImageJ is a community-driven project, so let’s make a community-driven logo together. :grin:

So as a first round:

  • Please SUBMIT YOUR LOGOS before February 1st by posting below on this thread - one logo submission per post.
  • LIKE all of the logos that you prefer.

Those logos that accumulate the most LIKES below will be submitted for a final round of voting to follow in a new thread.

Many thanks all!

EDIT: Voting now happens here:

VOTE NOW for the New ImageJ Logo!



Thanks @etarena for spearheading this! It will be awesome for a new logo to emerge.

In the interest of completeness, I submit the current ImageJ2 logo here. This is not an endorsement or statement of personal preference on my part—just a post you can “LIKE” if you want the logo to stay the same.











It should be clearer if we want a logo (any shape, including full-length “imageJ”) or if we prefer something that can also be an icon for the program (constraining it to more square ratios)


Here’s a proposal (can be refined, colors etc.). Made it close to a square to be optimal for an icon, and it should be easily scalable from 16x16 to > 128x128. Available as SVG or any vector format.

I made another version with pure magenta/cyan and perfectly blue multiplicative overlay (as a nod to LUTs overlays).

or with slightly toned-down colors (but still multiplicative overlay) that should be easier to use (more CMYK compatible)

And finally one based on the exact Fiji icon blue (116/163/222) as a tribute




[same logo, two different backgrounds]



science, image quantification, data analysis … that hopfullly leads to new knowledge
digital, binary, 0, 1, digital images,
code, jar, java, scripting, macros
ij, fiji, ij2
RECURSION - let’s get crazy with that!
reproducible, interoperable, extensible, less crazy
community, open source, sharing

monocular microscopes, tradition, origins, roots

also ij reminds me of a IDE I like a lot :slight_smile:



Both would be nice, but the icon is the main required thing. If you take a look at, you’ll see that nearly all logos come in a “square icon” form, and many also have a “full logo including text” or similar wide form. E.g. Bio-Formats has the three stacked planes icon, and then the full logo including the “BIO-FORMATS” text.

Our goal here is to replace the ImageJ icon with something better. IMHO, the best icons are square or near-square, and are simple enough to scale well to various resolutions from 16x16 to 128x128 and beyond. SVG is ideal these days, but bitmap is fine too.


I have added a few variants in my original post, with better overlay and tweaked colors (including a “Fiji blue” one!). Put your like up there if you dig it.






Could you try with a thin black line to mark the contour?
Or could I play with it if you are ok?