Contact angle measurement on image sequence with DropSnake

Hi people,

I have some image sequences of sessile drop evolution over time, and I would like to measure the contact angle as a function of time. Here is a sample sequence, 3_Turk_1uL_20201016_1505_trim_20frames.tif (1.8 MB)

I found DropSnake plug-in for Fiji/ImageJ and was able to measure the contact angle for a single frame accurately according to the manual here. However, when I tried to measure the contact angle for all frames in the image sequence following the instructions here, the plug-in seems to freeze and there is no output. I have to end Fiji through Task Manager on Windows.

I tried to limit the number of frames to be analyzed to 10, and limit the maximum number of iteration to 50 instead of the default 3000. But I still cannot get any output after running the image seq for 10 minutes. I am wondering if I am using this function in the wrong way, and if so, how can I adjust to get outputs from this function?

Thanks a lot in advance for any inputs!