Connection to OMERO reset?



Hi all,

I’m trying to make a pipeline in CP2.2 using the LoadData module and getting images from OMERO.

Everything works great for some time but it looks like after a while, the connection resets and then the LoadData modules fails to load the images and doesn’t prompt back a login.

Do you have any ideas about it ?



Cross-linking the various threads, this question was also posted on the OME developers mailing list - see notably @chris-allan’s answer.

As the thread is morphing into a more general question about how to build CellProfiler from source and control the dependencies, it might be worth splitting this discussion as a new topic on this forum at the discretion of the CellProfiler team.


Hi @sbesson

Good idea, I will post a new topic on the forum with hopefully some tips on how to build CellProfiler from source or at least Prokaryote which is the dependency depending on OMERO.

Build dependencies from source