Connecting to UMich image slides

Is it possible to connect to UMich pathology slides? I tried using the URI but it notifies me to open the log (which doesn’t show any further errors).

It would probably be helpful to include just a bit more information than that, such that someone not familiar with UMich could help.

Sorry about that. I’m trying to open files at Its possible in ObjectiveView and I tried to open it using “Open URI” but it throws a non-descriptive error when I check the log file.

@capaldo it looks like UMich is using a proprietary system to host the images, and this isn’t compatible with QuPath.

If the system hosting the images has an open API, and there are no licensing restrictions, a programmer could write a QuPath extension to work with the images directly – but I don’t know if this is the case.

I’ve just added more information to the QuPath docs here:
and linked to it from the FAQs.