Connecting to OMERO through Fiji plugin

Hi, I am trying out the OMERO demo server to justify a local installation.

I can connect through the OMERO web client and through OMERO.insight-5.5.12 java client.

However, when I try to connect through the fiji omero plugin I get a Login Failure “Failed to Log onto OMERO. OMERO.insight version 5.5.12 is not compatible with the server version 5.6.”

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jeff Blanchard
PS OMERO has been working well for our uses and I think others on campus will benefit.

I just tested it with a fresh Fiji installation, couldn’t replicate the problem. Got a warning [WARN] UPGRADE AVAILABLE:Please upgrade to 5.6.1. which can be ignored. Since the single components have different versions, these warnings about version mismatches can be quite misleading. We’re working on that.
Could you check that omero_ij-5.5.12-all.jar is the only omero_ij jar in Fiji’s plugin directory? Wonder if there might be another, older jar, which could cause the problem.

Kind Regards,

Hi @JeffreyBlanchard

You might have the OMERO 5 update turned on. This will download an incompatible version of blitz.jar. We have not pushed our plugin to that update site for that reason.
You will have to remove the blitz.jar from the jars folder.
This should fix your issue.
If selected, you should also turn off the OMERO 5 update site.



Thanks Dominiki. I reinstalled Fiji and the omero plugin. All is good. Take Care, Jeff