Connected components analysis

Hi Guys:

Is there anyone who can check the connected components of a 3D structure? The original binary image data are uploaded in this link. The segmented phase (white) looks more connected than what I get below. Did I make a mistake? I used the morphoLibJ plugin to finish the component analysis.


Is there anyone who can help?

Hey @Charles_hoo,

it appears there are too many tiny objects in this image. It might also be too large. Can you downsample your image and use some binary opening/closing to get rid of tiny objects before applying connected components analysis?

Edit: No wait. MorphoLibJs Connected Components Analysis actually works. It’s the glaybey-visualisation which cannot deal with so many labels. If you use MorphoLibJs Connected Components Labeling with type float, it looks like this afterwards:

But if you then change brightness contrast (min / max grey values), you can see the one big object:

Reducing number of objects with binary operations might help anyway.

Let us know if this helps.


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It really works! Adjusting the min/max grey values is reducing the number of objects. This is what I want. Thanks a lot!

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