Congrats cellprofiler 2.0!

I just finished reading the cellprofiler 2.0 manual and I’m very happy to see that a nice number of things I thought I needed to implement for my job have already been done.

At this stage I have litle programing knowledge. Do you think that it’ll be to hard to write my own modules or do you think that it can be handled in reasonable time? Any recommendations?


Our Developer’s Guide ( page is the best location for CP programming & style tips. You will need a working knowledge of python to get started, and there are many web tutorials on this - start at As all programmers do, start from an existing, functional piece of code (CP module), and modify it to suit your needs. Having said that, you should be absoutely certain you need to add a new module, as there are many standard as well as non-standard uses of the existing modules, such that the vast majority of users won’t need to modify the code. Or ask us to, as I’ve seen you have done.

Good luck,