Confocal microscopy tutorial paper

I hope the microscopy analysis community finds this new Nature Protocols tutorial paper to be a useful resource, particularly for students getting started with confocal and related microscopies. The analysis section should point people in the right direction when they are ready to start working with their images. In fact, we recommend trying out some analysis as part of a pilot project before even embarking on full-scale imaging!

Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy

Unfortunately, Nature Protocols does not offer true Open Access, but you can view the paper with this SharedIt link (or email me and I can send you a PDF):

James (@JamesJonkman)


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Interesting work. Will you be kind enough to send me a copy of this paper?



Hi, Zaigham. Sure, no problem. Please send me an email (

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il would be great if you can send me the pdf version of the Nat Protocol tutorial on confocal microscopy.

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Sara Bonzano

Hi James,

I was looking at your paper and it includes a lot of very very very useful information specially for PhD or master students who as you said are just starting to work with microscopy.

I managed to download it from my Univertity Library, so just wanted to say thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for that feedback, Juliana!