Conflict with Matlab 2007a with Rocks cluster



In the process of upgrading to the new code, I am getting a floating point exception error when I tried to run CellProfiler or CPCluster compiled under Matlab 2007a on a 64 bit Rocks cluster (centos-release.x86_64 6:4-4.3). The same CellProfiler code compiled under another linux box running fedora runs fine. From the matlab forum (link below), it appears that there are compatibility issues with matlab 2007a and the cluster in 64 bit mode. … ead/155717

As you are running your code on a cluster, what operating system have you tested this on? Should I be using the older or newer matlab compilers or resort to compiling Cellprofiler in 32 bit mode on the cluster as suggested by the matlab post?



Hi Steven,

Our cluster runs SuSE Linux 9.2 (x86-64). To my knowledge, we have not had to do anything special to compile under 64-bit mode. Up until now, we have been using Matlab’s buildmcr command (standard up until 2007a, I believe) after running mcc on CPCluster.m. Matlab now uses MCRinstaller, which we are in the process of debugging on our system now. But using mcc -m and buildmcer has been working for us in 64-bit mode.

After compiling with mcc, did you run to setup the environment properly? And no error occurs while compiling, but only in the execution phase?

Let us know if you’ve made any progress (sorry for the response delay).