Configuration Problem

Hi all,

I had a pipeline which is for analyzing fluorescence imaging. The pipeline is got from another lab.
The problem is that every time when I tried to run this pipeline, there comes out a window said that cannot run this pipeline because of a configuration problem.

Does any of you could help me with this problem.


It says that the pipeline did not identify any image sets…
Looks like your metadata extraction and NamesAndTypes settings are problematic.
You should check these inputs first…
To help you further, it’d help to share your pipeline and some example picts, or at least a description of your images namings and format :wink:
Good luck,

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example (10.4 MB) Hi Fab,

Here are the pipeline and the images we used.20190716_slice_modified.cpproj (1.2 MB)
We are using the same image with the person who writes this pipeline. And the images are naming with plates and groups, the format is .czi files.

Since we using the same files, so we are really condused about the configuration problem.

Thank you!

Hi Sherry,

Please double check the input files. I believe you should split the .czi files into .tif files. Also, the one who wrote the pipeline set up a mask image, pls make sure you had that~

Peter L

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your help!

Due to my unfamiliarity with the Cell Profiler, I had never seen the files in your picture1, Could you tell me how to find these images?

Thank you!

Hi Sherry,

I just drag your .cpproj file into cellprofiler, those file appear.