Configuration Polychrome V + Photometrics Prime95B for calcium imaging

Hello there!

I’m upgrading my calcium imaging setup, currently consisting in:
camera ANDOR clara
TILL Photonics imaging setup (Polychrome V + Imaging control unit + TILL photonics’ software “Live acquisition”

currently, We bought a new camera (Photometrics Prime95B), and I installed micromanager (version 2 gamma) as acquisition software. the setup was originaly intended as some kind of built in solution, provided by Till years ago. this original configuration works only with their property software (which is not fully supported in windows 10) and, of course, this software is too old and doesn’t support many modern cameras.

My plan is to integrate the current light source (polychrome V) and the new camera in a sigle tool using micromanager but, altough i had no problem with the camera configuration in MM, i cannot control the polychrome.

I tried to connect and configured the polychrome for direct comunication via COM port, as indicated in the poly manual and here but the device doesn’t respond to any command.

i asked help to the TILL support guys, who gave me the latest ddl. available, but still no response from the device.
do you have any advice or suggestion how to control the poly via micromanager?

The polychrome V is, as far as I know, one of the most used monochromators in research, and it should be totally compatible with MM, i don’t understand why is not working.

Thank you in Advance for any help.
Best wishes,


The Polychrome adapter code was written in 2008 for the Polychrome5000 (and Till was owned by Agilent at that point in time). I have no idea if that case is forward compatible with the Polychrome V, and if the Polychrome V still uses the same serial interface with same baud rate settings, etc…

I totally agree that MM should be compatible with your device. Regretfully, the only ones who can guarantee that to be the case is Till. I would ask them to write a Micro-Manager device adapter and make that code open source. At the very least, they should provide you with the full interface specifications (i.e. the commands to send to the device to make it do stuff), so that you would be in a position to write that code yourself and share with the community.

Hi Nico!
thanks for your reply.

I will ask Till support team for a device adapter or for the specifications to write one.
to be honest, I’m a bit worried about the latter, because I don’t know how to do it (my programming skills are not that good!).

Ok, Till cannot provide me any source code or any help, since their programming department no longer exists. so no chances to recieve an adapter from them.

They also said the Polychrome 5000 and Polychrome V are identical, it was only a product name change after TILL Photonics was bought from Agilent. So anything written to work with a Polychrome 5000 should work with the Polychrome V as well. But then I dont know what’s wrong in my setup.

Ask them for the interface specifications, i.e. what are the commands that will be send to the device, and what the device will answer. With that information in hand, it may be possible to trouble shoot the current device adapter code. B.t.w., it looks like Till has never given permission to open source the code for the device adapter, so it would be super useful to ask them for permission to publish the source code for the Micro-Manager device adapter for the Polychrome as well.