Configuration of Moticam camera

We wish to run the Moticam Pro 282B using Micro-Manager (MM). MM itself runs correctly with the demo configuration. We can also create new demo configurations without problems. We installed the camera driver as well as a MM config file (both provided by the manufacturer). However, as soon as we select the Motic camera in the configuration wizard, Micro-Manager exits and an error file is created (see attached). From my side, the local IT people disabled anti-virus, gave us admin privileges and made sure the latest java was running (jre1.8.0_291). The manufacturer is looking at the situation at the moment, but if someone has a clue about the reason for this behaviour, I would be very grateful.

hs_err_pid3104.pdf (52.3 KB)

Very much looks like a crash inside the Moticam device adapter. Hope that the manufacturer can fix it!

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Thanks for the comment, greatly appreciated. Indeed I hope the manufacturer can fix it. I took on this project because they said their camera would operate under micro-manager. I managed to convince the users of that institution to switch all their microscopes to micro-manager, I would love for this to work.