Conda python-omero Package for Windows


I have developed a set of Python scripts that upload data to OMERO server 5.4.10. My dev environment is linux, so it was easy to install the required python-omero dependency with Conda. I am expecting to have to deploy the scripts on Windows machines though, and I note that there doesn’t seem to be a Windows package listed at

Could you advise please if there is a Windows package for python-omero that can be installed with Conda? Is there a recommended alternative method for running such scripts in a Windows environment, e.g. with a Docker container or with Windows Subsystem for Linux? Many thanks.

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Johnny Hay

Hi @jhay,

bioconda doesn’t support Windows:

We are investigating moving to conda-forge which should lift this restriction.

There is no native code in python-omero so there are a number of options. For example, if you upgrade to OMERO 5.5, you might be interested in testing the currently dev release of

Alternatively, you need only have the Python files on your PYTHONPATH, so you can equally download the appropriate file (e.g. and unpack it.

Docker will definitely work. A good starting point is likely

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Hi @joshmoore,

Thanks very much, that’s very helpful. It sounds like building a Docker image on top of the base OMERO server image is probably the best way to go for now, so I will use that approach - thanks!

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