Concrete Microstructure



I have a stack of images corresponding to the XY slices of a virtually generated 3D concrete microstructure along the z-axis. I want to generate the 3D structure from these images. Since concrete has a heterogeneous microstructure consisting of different phases(where each phase has its own physical and chemical properties), I want to make a separate meshing of each phase that could be exported. Is this generation of 3D structure and the separate tetrahedral meshing of different phases possible using ImageJ(If yes, then how!!!). Else can anyone name of any other software capable of doing this task…

Please Help…!!!



Would you be able to share a dataset with us? You can use any file-sharing client, etc.

For 3D tools in ImageJ - check out the Visualization page, specifically the volumetric tools on the ImageJ wiki.

This will at least give you an intro to the different toolkits available. I don’t work with 3D meshes myself… so don’t really know what’s out there at the moment.