Computational biologist position at Ember Therapeutics

Looking for a Computational Biologist position? Look no further than the Ember Therapeutics position listed below.

Ember Therapeutics is a product-focused company translating its world-class biology in the emerging area of brown fat and recent breakthroughs in understanding the mechanisms of selective insulin sensitivity into a proprietary pipeline of peripherally-acting treatments for metabolic disease, including Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Ember Therapeutics is a private company launched in 2011 by renowned scientific founders, an experienced leadership team, and Third Rock Ventures.

We are seeking an innovative, collaborative, and experienced computational biologist to provide leadership in the use of functional genomics, proteomics, and high-throughput compound screening datasets to characterize the pathways and mechanisms regulating the development and activation of brown fat. Skills and training in understanding the physiological processes and drug action in terms of their effects on cellular pathways including pathway-focused small molecule discovery, MoA determination, target discovery & validation, high content screening, and large scale microarray analysis. Additional experience with developing and implementing statistical analyses and data mining algorithms highly desired. Ideal candidates will have research experience in the study of metabolic disease. This position will involve design and execution of assays that will allow discovery projects to identify compounds with activity against targets. The role will involve lab-based leadership and hands-on experimentation, as well as collaboration within multi-disciplinary discovery teams.


o PhD and a minimum 5 years of experience in either small molecule or biologics based drug discovery environment

o Demonstrated leadership as an innovative computational biologist

o Experience in design, QC, and execution of medium to high throughput assays to profile compounds and for cellular activity

o Experience utilizing a variety of functional genomics and additional assay platforms to determine MoA, measurement of mechanistic and functional readouts

o Strong communication and collaboration skills with proven ability to liaise with disciplines outside of biology, including chemistry, genomics, pharmacology, and computational biology

o Experience in management/mentoring of junior colleagues and project team participation and leadership

This position requires a PhD in Computational Biology, Chemical Biology, or equivalent. In addition, successful candidate(s) will have strong interpersonal and communication skills and a demonstrated ability to participate in a highly creative and enthusiastic start-up environment.

Jared Kaleck
Sr. Director Comp Chem & Pharmaceutical Dev
Klein Hersh International
215-830-9211 Ext. 116