Composite Classifier

I have been experimenting with the new composite classifier, and really do like it. I was refining some of the individual classifiers to create a better composite classifier when I ran into the following error “JSON document was not fully consumed”. Can anyone tell me where I might have messed up or what I am doing wrong. Was working wonderfully up until that error.

I haven’t seen that error myself, but the classifiers are stored in JSON format inside the Project → classifiers → object_classifiers folder. So it sounds like one of these JSON files has somehow become broken, but I don’t know what how :confused:

Thanks, went back and resaved each of the individual classifiers thinking one of them might have been corrupted, but still got the same error when I tried to make the Composite. I’ll just start from scratch and see what happens. Again, thanks for the amazing tool, it was working wonderfully up until the error.

Cleared out all the individual classifier files from the object_classifiers folder. Went through and trained each of the individual classifiers again and saved. Saved a composite object classifier from each of the individual classifiers with no problem. As you stated one of the original classifier files must have been broken/corrupted. Interesting since each one on it’s own was able to run fine on the images.

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Curious… if you encounter the problem again and can share the classifier JSON files, I’d explore some more. Glad it worked in the end!