Composite Classifier Workflow - low importance

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but while demonstrating multiplex classifiers to a couple of users, I noticed that running the Composite classifiers often does not show up in the Workflow, but I could not figure out why for quite some time.

I have now pinned it down to being a “first time opening a project” thing, and needing to run a single feature classifier first. If I
create and save any number of single measurement classifiers
save the image data
and then create a composite classifier

Running that composite classifier does not show up in the workflow for new users to access in their scripts. Only by running/applying one of the single measurement classifiers does the composite classifier show up when run.

This whole series of events only happens the first time a project is created. If I close the project and re-open it, the composite classifier shows up in the workflow just fine. But that first time in a project, the user needs to save and apply a single measurement classifier before any classifiers will show up in the workflow.

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That sounds buggy, but I’m not sure I understand.

As far as I can tell, if I use Create composite classifier and then Save & Apply it never adds it to the workflow. In the log I see

WARN: Object classifier isn't currently written to the workflow history, sorry...

with fits with what I see in the code.

On the other hand, if I go to Load object classifier and choose Apply classifier, I find that the classifier is only added to the workflow if it actually makes any changes to the image – it isn’t logged if all classifications remain the same.

Could that be the explanation for the inconsistency you’re seeing?


Yes, thanks, it looks like that was it, I needed to force a change in order for the object classifier to show up - I guess the confusion was in the Save and Apply not showing up in the workflow.

My process was to show the creation of all of the individual classifiers, create the composite with Save and Apply, then… notice that I had no reference to show the new user how to apply that composite classifier to their whole project.

Then I would load the classifier again and try to run it, but since nothing was changing, still nothing showed up in the Workflow. After re-opening the project the cells were no longer classified (due to the last save point), and so the Load Classifier caused the Run object classifier to show up in the workflow.

Now I know I can reset the classifications before loading the classifier in order to get the command to show up in the Command History. Is there a reason to not include the command when saving and applying the composite? That seems like a major step someone would want to extract from their Command History for a project, and while I can easily script it - the newer users I am teaching might not be so lucky.